Jenn's Visual Pitch Class Vector Calculator

A simple vector addition calculator for adding pitch class vectors for different discrete Fourier transform components. The magnitude represents the number of occurrences of a pitch class in a set. The phase of a particular pitch class is a function of the Fourier component. Only the non-trivial Fourier components are shown (e.g., for 12 pitch classes per octave, components 7–11 are omitted, as these are redundant with components 1–6).

Keyboard shortcuts: If the pitch clases per octave selector is set to 12, then a through g will focus on the magnitude input for the corresponding pitch class. Type y and u to cycle up and down between Fourier components. Type k followed by a digit to select a particluar Fourier component. Typing enter will calculate results and display the resultant vector on the component circle diagram, and x will remove the resultant vector from the component circle diagram. Esc will clear the magnitude inputs but will not reset the Fourier component or remove the calculation results from previously computed inputs.



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Calculation Results

Magnitude Phase Component Magnitude Array